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Key Notes & Seminars



– how to ignite your passion, create your precision map for success, and start winning…


This is a high-energy, high-impact presentation that’s focused on inspiring, motivating and empowering individuals or groups to transform quiet desperation or broken dreams, clarify their career or life purpose, ignite burned-out passion, create precision M.A.P (massive action plan) for success, and practical strategies for living more productive and fulfilling lives.


Key Take-away or Benefits Include:


1. Gaining crystal clarity of your academic, life or career goals
2. Igniting your Passion and drive to succeed
3. Creating your massive-action-plan for ultimate success
4. Building inner congruence for making solid decisions
5. Developing flexibility to overcome setbacks



– how to make peace with your past and move on with your life…


This presentation provides captivating inspiration and the necessary steps for untangling the attachments of a painful or traumatic past by learning the practical process of forgiveness in order to end the cycle of pain, frustration, self-sabotage, and embrace a lifestyle of personal freedom and happiness.


Key Take-away or Benefits:


1. Eliminating the burdens of past emotional hurts
2. Converting Frustrations to Fulfillment
3. Gaining emotional intelligence and mastery for conflict resolution
4. Eliminating victim mentality and negative emotional scripts
5. Gaining skills on how to build rapport for healthy support systems and ultimate success in academic, personal or career aspirations



 –how to tap into your uninhibited genius, live more from your creative core, and joyfully impact your work and the world around you.


This presentation provides inspiring, practical insights and strategies for entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, engineers, inventors and other creative types on how to tap into their creative genius, cultivate harmony between the linear and non-linear worlds, live from their creative core, and joyfully impact their work and the world around them.


Key Take-away or Benefits Include:


1. Discovering and embracing your genius
2. Understanding and working with your inner critic
3. Creating harmony between the mechanical, sometimes rigid, linear world, and the creative, non-linear world of flow, curiosity, and imagination
4. How to turn your passion into a source of income without selling your soul
5. Creating balance between personal life priorities, multiple projects, and functioning in multiple operational roles


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