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My Speaking Fees
My Speaking Fees

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Thank you for your interest in having me be of inspiration and service to your school, staff, or general audience. Over the last twenty years I have been fortunate to speak to and mentor a range of people and organizations in Africa and America. After all these years, I can still honestly say my magnificent obsession is speaking to my fellow human beings and seeing that spark of inspiration, clarity, or perspective in their eyes, and then watching their demeanor transformed from confusion or despair to inspiration, drive, and the determination to dream bigger, be more and do more.


I am the speaker and coach you bring to your group or event when you’re looking to inspire and empower your students or staff with an empowering perspective, motivation and drive for innovation, effective and implementable strategies for achieving desired goals, boost rapport and morale for your group, or to gain new strategies for eliminating costly time, energy and resource wasters in the lives of your students, group members, or your organization.


When we work together, you and I will fully communicate to understand the needs of your group and the specific goals of your event. We will then customize a presentation that addresses your objectives and desired outcome. And together we will deliver a life-changing and unforgettable experience!


Here’s what few members of earlier audiences have said…

“…Mr. Kemokai really made me think about the trajectory of my own life, what it means to really be an educator, and am I really fulfilling the purpose of my life.”  
~ Teacher at the Manor Independent School District, Texas


“Roland Kemokai…is a Liberian [war] survivor who was a thrown away baby. If you need an inspiring speaker…call on Roland (author, speaker, life coach and musician). Truly inspirational, humorous, and motivational all in one. Call and meet him now…”
~ Debi Derman-Realtor, Cocoa Beach, Florida


“Obviously you’re very intelligent and ‘gifted’ – the content of your talks is logical, well-organized and extremely inspirational and motivational. When you are through speaking, I feel that life is worthwhile and that there is hope for meaningful improvement.”
~ Dean A. Olson, Attorney At Law, Texas & Oklahoma State/ Federal Courts


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Roland Kemokai’s Speaking Fee

  1. $10,000 – $30,000.00 – International
    [plus flight, hotel 3-5 stars, airport shuttle, local transportation, guides, and security]


  2. $5,000 – $10,000.00 – Alaska, Hawaii, Islands of the USA
    [plus flight, hotel 3-5 stars, rental car/shuttle, and local transportation]


  3. $2,500 – $5,000.00 – Continental United States of America
    [plus flight, hotel 3-5 stars, and rental car/shuttle]


  4. $1,500 – $2,500.00 – Local Events Outside Austin City Limits, TX (up to 100 Miles)
    [plus hotel 3-5 stars]


  5. $500 – $1,500.00 – Local Events in the City of Austin, TX


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Let’s Start a Conversation…

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