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About Me
About Me


Roland Kemokai, president of Global Empowerment Institute, is a 20-year experienced inspirational empowerment speaker, author, certified life and business coach, and talented musician.


In his recently published memoir, “SUNUMA,” he tells his inspiring story of being abandoned as a 3-month-old baby in a community garbage dump in rural Liberia, West Africa, where an elderly lady found him covered in fire ants. Roland endured violent abuses, witnessed murder, survived a violent civil war, graduated valedictorian, and became an international inspiration.


Through his remarkable strength and perseverance he gained admittance to college in the U.S. where he earned an Associate and Bachelor’s degrees.


From there Kemokai went on to become a high school science teacher and an award-winning, syndicated radio show host.


Feeling the call to help individuals live a fulfilling life, Roland became a certified Life and Business coach, and launched Global Empowerment Institute, focusing on personal development and professional empowerment.


He is a recording artist who sings and plays several musical instruments including the piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums.


Roland currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two young sons.


“Deep inside every one of us, carrying all of our hopes and dreams, our passion and power, is a burner. My passion is to help people spark a flame and kindle their inner fire.”    ~ Roland Kemokai


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